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Cirque de Flambé is a copyright of Fremonster Theatrical. All rights reserved.

Cirque de Flambé, the burning clown, the Verities of Fire logo and many others were created for the Cirque de Flambé by David Hartz. He also paints with fire in certain shows and does a few other amazing things. David is always available for freelance work, so if you like what you see, give him a holler at

Promotional materials have been designed by Michael Thomas. He has also done a number of other great ad campaigns. For more examples, check out

Pictures used on this Web site are copyrighted by their respective owners. They are used on this Web site with permission. We really want to thank those people that took the time to donate their talents to make this happen.

For instance, John Cornicello is responsible for many of the images from the Verities of Fire show and has graciously allowed us to use them on this site. For more great photos, check out his Web site at

Personally, we do not see how you could possibly confuse Cirque de Flambé with anyone else. However, but just in case a confusion could exist, we would like to point out that Cirque de Flambé has no connection with any other circus organization. Any confusion with organizations such as Cirque Bijou, Ringling Brothers Barnam and Bailey Circus or even Cirque du Soleil is purely coincidental. These are all non-fire circus performance troupes. No relationship is suggested or inferred.

However, we'd find it pretty cool if you confused us with Circus Contraption, a circus organization we dearly love. We love working with them and suggest that if you need a small intimate non-flammable circus, this would be a very good choice.